About me:

I have been using the masters' traditions in crafting hand-forged wrought iron for more than 30 years.

In 1975 I graduated from the Technical School of Wrought Iron in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. After that, I worked for a few years at the studio of the prominent blacksmith Lazar Curev.

In 1982, after passing the examination stipulated in the SMFAC—Society of the Masters of Folk Artistic Crafts regulations, I was proclaimed MASTER of the Folk Artistic Craft Wrought Iron.

My Master Certificate

& translated in English…

For the last years, I am working in my studio, producing many different wrought iron pieces of art.

I worked in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – most of the time; in Cyprus from 1996 – 1998; now I work in London, UK.

I prefer using the traditional blacksmithing techniques, but I also work with precast brass applications on iron frames, and I use several ways of applying the finish to my works.


Since receiving my Master Certificate, I've been working on many projects:

  • the Thracian tomb Zhaba Mogila near Strelcha, Bulgaria—railings
  • the Church in Asenova Krepost, Bulgaria—iron gates, fences, and wall railings.
  • Synagogue in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria—railings, and fencing.

In 1989, during the Old Town Days festival in Tallinn, Estonia had received several awards:

  1. for ethnographic value
  2. from the National Institute of Cultural Monuments
  3. from the mayor of Tallinn

Latest Participations

Diploma of Merit

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The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths – Diploma
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South of England Agricultural Society

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